Trump's EU trademarks partially revoked

The message from the EUIPO could be formulated as follows: no matter whether or how your trademark is wellknown if it has not been put to genuine use in the territory of the EU; even though your name is Donald Trump.

The EUIPO followed its earlier practice (namely „BIG MAC“ revocation decision of 11 January 2019) and stated in the „TRUMP“ decision:

„The website extracts, the brochures and the information on social media clearly refer to the services having been offered in several places in the United States of America and in Turkey, none of which are part of the relevant territory. It is true that the proprietor provides a detailed table with the number of European Union-based visitors to the website during the relevant period, including many, if not most, countries in the European Union and with figures ranging from 44 149 for the United Kingdom to 275 for Malta. There is, however, no proof from independent sources that could corroborate the assertions made in the table in relation to the number of visitors to the pages. However, even if this were the case, these documents cannot be linked in any way to these services having been de facto offered on the market in the European Union (irrespective of whether or not they were offered to European Union consumers).“

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